Miguel Prudêncio

Researcher. Biological Sciences. Malaria

Languages & Translations CV

Member of ProZ.com: Freelance translators & Translation companies

Portuguese – Native speaker.

English – Near-native written and spoken

Holder of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
Member of ProZ.com
Routine translation of scientific texts
English-to-Portuguese translation of the books “Earth Sciences for Every Kid” and “Maths for Every Kid”, published by D. Quixote Editors, Lisbon, Portugal.
Portuguese-to-English translation of BIQ Consulting’s website, a healthcare management consulting firm (2011).
English-to-Portuguese translation of the book “Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them”, published in Portuguese by Deco Proteste Editores under the title “Entrevistas de emprego – Preparação eficaz para perguntas difíceis” (2013).
Freelance translator of scientific texts (PT-to-EN) for Cactus Communications (2014-2015).
Freelance translator of patent applications (EN-to-PT) for Clarke & Modet (from 2016).

I have extensive experience in written and oral communication in English. I have lived in the UK and in The Netherlands for several years and, as a researcher, English has always been the main language employed at work. I am the author of over 140 scientific articles published in English language journals and have presented my work extensively in scientific meetings, also in English. I have a long experience in translation, ranging from translations of scientific texts and patents to three published books and one website. My main areas of expertise are the biological and biomedical sciences.

French – Near-native written and spoken

Holder of Diplome Supérieur de Langue Française de l’Alliance Française de Paris

French-to-Portuguese translation of the book “Internet et Vie Privée”, published in Portuguese by Deco Proteste Editores under the title “Internet e Vida Privada” (2017)